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29-8 Honmachi Shari HOkkaido
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Ichani-Karikariusu (Pogawa Historical Place Forest Park)

Ichani-Karikariusu, a main historical site of Shibetsu Ruins, was designated as a national monument in 1979. Pogawa Historical Place Forest Park covers 407.8-hectare protected land of the Karikariusu site and the surrounding area. On the park, two pit houses from 1,000 years ago were restored to introduce people’s life during the Jomon Era. Together with meandering Po River, un-changed since ancient time, and a groundwater spring from Shiretoko Mountain Range, the pit houses help us to picture our predecessor’s life in Hokkaido’s wilderness.

Museum of History and Culture (Pogawa Historical Place Forest Park)

The museum was opened in 1980 to showcase ruins, wetland, and history of Shibetsu. The museum houses large collections of unearthed articles from Ichani-Karikariusu and documents relating to the history of Shibetsu. The museum’s main collection includes a replica of a screen with a painting of old Shibetsu town and a diary written by a member of the Aizu clan, a security force sent down to Shibetsu during the end of the samurai period.

Historical Village (Pogawa Historical Place Forest Park)

The restored school, farmhouse, and banya (fishing house) bring visitors back to the Hokkaido’s pioneer days.

Salmon Park

Salmon Park has the largest collection of Salmonidae fish in Japan: over 30 salmon varieties belonging to 18 species. Behind the glass, you can watch schools of juvenile chum salmon and seema from February to August. From September to October, you can watch returning chum salmon, Karafuto-masu trout, and cherry salmon. Chum salmon spawning is seen in November. The facility of the park includes Kawa-no-hiroba, Juvenile fish exhibition, and Salmon exhibition room. At the salmon exhibition room, slideshows and videos help visitors to learn ecology of salmon. The observatory room at the height of 30 m offers a panoramic view of Shiretoko Mountain Range, Kunashiri Islanl and Shibetsu River. TEL 0153-82-1141 Adult 610 yen, Child 200 yen, High school student 400, Senior 500 yen

Museum of Northern Territory

The museum houses records and documents relating to the Northern Territory. The museum has a beautiful view of Kunashiri Island.
Free admission.

World Heritage Conservation Center

Life-size panel displays of wild animals and stuffed bird, which has a weight of real bird, help visitors to learn ecology of wildlife in Shiretoko. The center aims to educate the public with highlights, nature, management, and prohibited acts of Shiretoko World Natural Heritage Site. Free admission.

Shiretoko Museum

Shiretoko Museum houses large collections of records and documents relating to the Shiretoko’s fauna, flora, industry and history.
The attached center was built to celebrate friendship with Hirosaki City. 20 Shiretoko Neputa (paper lantern) are displayed at the center.
Admission: Adult 300 yen, Child Free
TEL 0152-23-1256

Kita no Alp Museum

The museum houses documents and works of writers of the Alp, a popular literary magazine for mountaineers. The museum building was once used as a dormitory of Mitsui Norin, a daily product manufacturer. The building and beautiful rows of trees in the museum garden are must-sees. Free admission. Closed in winter. TEL 0152-23-4000

Kiyosato Shochu Factory

Kiyosato Shochu Factory makes original shochu from locally harvested potatoes. The factory is a popular sightseeing spot. It offers a restaurant, a rest house and factory tours.
The factory and the rest house were selected as one of Hokkaido Machizukuri-100-sen (Hokkaido’s 100 sightseeing spots) in 1989. During shochu preparation season from early August to late November, visitors can watch factory workers prepare potatoes for shochu (The preparation work starts at 14:30 on weekdays).
The countryside landscape with European chateau-style building and Mt. Shari creates a European atmosphere.
Free factory tour.
TEL 0152-25-2227

Michinoeki “Papas Land Satturu”

The 101th Michinoeki in Hokkaido opened on November 1, 2007.
The Papas Land Satturu is a complex facility with natural hot spring onsen, family restaurant Papas, farm product vender, park golf course, farm product processing facility, and pottery center.
TEL 0152-26-2288

Michinoeki “Utoro Shirietoku”

Michinoeki “Utoro*Shirietoku” has a banya (fishing house) style building. It contains a gift shop, Utoro fishery cooperative outlet, tourist information desk, restaurant, snack vender, high-vision theater, and Shiretoko information panel.